Martin Refkin

Martin Refkin, the powerhouse Chief Litigator of The Gallagher Law Group, brings more than four decades of experience to the table. With an extensive trial portfolio that encompasses toxic torts, CERCLA, RCRA, real estate, general business litigation, and insurance recovery, Martin’s unparalleled expertise has allowed him to successfully litigate in various venues throughout California.

Martin’s prowess is particularly highlighted through his leadership in several high-profile toxic tort matters related to the Del Amo Superfund site in Los Angeles County. As the lead attorney in Frank Babich, et al. v. Cadillac Fairview/California, et al., Guillermo C. Aguirre v. Cadillac Fairview/California, et al., and Paul Kidwell v. Montrose Chemical, et al., Martin delivered exceptional legal strategies in these complex cases.

Furthermore, he was the guiding force in Abel, et al. v. Lockheed, et al., a landmark case involving approximately 3500 plaintiffs claiming injuries due to exposure to contaminants. Through meticulous discovery and expert consultation, Martin ensured a settlement that was fully funded by insurance coverage.

Martin’s legal acumen is further reflected in the Carson Harbor Village v. Unocal case. As the lead counsel, Martin secured a summary judgment, with the case becoming a landmark appellate decision often cited for various environmental laws.

Martin’s commitment to environmental cases is also illustrated through his work on Westway Terminal Company v. Envirosource and other complex environmental matters such as Zesati v. City of Los Angeles; Thompson v. City of Los Angeles; and Estate of Moralez v. Texaco.

Serving as the lead attorney for Frontier Oil Corporation and Wainoco Oil and Gas Company in the consolidated cases of Moss, et al. v. City of Beverly Hills, et al., Martin skillfully navigated through a lawsuit involving over 2000 plaintiffs, oil companies, and the Beverly Hills Unified School District.

In the matter of Atlantic Richfield Company v. State of California, et al., Martin defended the State of California and several state water entities in a case involving a contaminated mine site threatening water quality in both California and Nevada. With his strategic approach, the case settled favorably during the trial.

Aside from environmental matters, Martin’s experience extends to commercial real estate litigation, breach of contract and unlawful detainer matters, personal injury cases, and more.

Currently, Martin represents the City of Modesto in an exceedingly complex contamination suit involving multiple dry cleaner sites with PCE contamination. His expertise and guidance are instrumental in the pursuit of justice for all involved.

Moreover, he also leverages his expertise as a mediator and arbitrator, currently mediating a federal court case involving a private party and the Los Angeles Unified School District.

With his impressive portfolio, Martin Refkin continues to impact the legal landscape. His profound understanding of the law, coupled with his strategic approach, consistently delivers remarkable results for his clients and sets a high bar for others in the field.

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